Whose Bright Idea Was It?

One Eleven Design was founded on the principle of creating a unique web presence and brand identity that works for our clients. We don’t want to just create something pretty. We want to create something smart. Something that drives traffic, engages, and tells your story.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Meet Our Visionaries

Karen DiGnazio
Master of the House/Keeper of the Charm

Karen has an enthusiasm for design and a passion for analytics and marketing. Never satisfied with the ordinary, she’ll keep pushing until she finds the extraordinary. Keeping pace with the ever changing digital world, she is certified by Google in adWords and analytics.

Maggie Cameron
Creative Guru / WordPress Junkie / Font Maven

Maggie is our go to for print work and she knocks it out of the ballpark every time! Her ability to create a snapshot of our visions and put it to paper is uncanny. She’s also a contributing designer, helping to develop and create custom sites for our clients.

Dana Shreve
Project Manager/Head Wrangler

Dana keeps us all organized and moving in the right direction. She’s a whiz at multitasking and we rely on her for some serious researching. She can tell us what’s going on in your industry, forecasting trends, as well as where to get the best falafel.

Our Interns
Future Creatives

Our interns bring some intense Photoshop skills and mad color skills to the table. We count on them to push pixels and the bounds of creativity.