What’s that smell?

Website updates are a lot like cleaning your room when you were a teenager. Your mother tells you to do it, but you just don’t feel like it. It’s no fun plus the situation is often out of control so who knows where to begin? Should you start with pulling the crusty, moldy, half-eaten sandwich out from under the bed? Nah, that’s gross – not touching that. Maybe pick up the laundry and dishes. Again no, can’t carry all that at once. Wait, don’t I have a report due? Yeah, that space-time continuum thing isn’t going to write itself. My room will have to wait.

The comparison is uncanny, right?

Monkey House Syndrome

That room becomes a lot like a monkey house at the zoo. When you first enter it, it’s stinky, but after being in it for a while you don’t notice the smell anymore. It’s not until your Aunt Dee Dee comes to visit, has to cruise by your room on her way to visit the loo, gets a whiff, makes a face that could stop a clock, then unwittingly refuses to eat or drink anything during her visit that you finally realize your mother may be right and you just might be suffering from monkey house syndrome. It might be time to clean that up, before Aunt Dee Dee spreads the word to the rest of the family and yours becomes the stand alone at events. You know, you get married and there is no one sitting on your side of the church/venue.

But Seriously…

Simple updates shouldn’t get you down. Do you want to change an address, office hours, add or remove employee profiles, update your about page, edit and add some pictures, etc. but don’t know how, have the time, or want to break the bank contracting it out? We receive lots of requests for this and, recognizing the need for affordable updates, have developed a program to provide simple updates starting for as little as $25. Dedicated team members are available to handle requests with quick turn-around times, often within 24 hours.

Content is king on websites. Clean, updated, relevant content will not only keep your visitors happy it will help with search engine optimization as well. Remember, your site is a reflection of your business. What’s yours say about you?

Keep Aunt Dee Dee happy. Update your site.

This post is dedicated to all the Aunt Dee Dee’s out there. Without them, we’d be nothing.

Clean your room and invite yours over.